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Welcome! Put a professional security guard expert, security consultant, and expert witness on your team. 
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"On the chessboard of business involving security guards, the role and proper use of security guards, I help you make the right moves. Whether your case or your business involves contract or proprietary security guards, or private police, armed or unarmed, you can benefit from using my services. Stronger legal case? Stronger business? Talk to me."  
- - Tom Lekan, C.P.P.


Security Guard Expert, Expert Witness,
Consultant to Attorneys, Corporations
Security Consulting
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Small company? Occasionally need security advice or an assessment?
Law firm? Do you periodically require some expertise to evaluate premise security liability?
Larger company?  Need some training in workplace violence or active shooter response?
Have guards? Would you like someone to evaluate if you are going in the right direction?  Or do you need someone with extensive security experience on your board?

Consider a  subscription to Thomas J. Lekan Security Consulting, LLC, services for only $750.00 per month or $8000 per year. You'll receive up to five hours of my teams' time:

  • on the phone or

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  • at an offsite training or meeting.

If you find that interesting, please do call me at 440-223-5730 to talk more about this. Thank you.
My specialized practice consists of providing consultation and/or expert
security guard - consultation & expert witness serviceswitness services in cases that involve armed and unarmed:

  • contract security guards

  • proprietary guards

  • special police


  • consultation to both defendant and plaintiff’s attorneys in over 250 cases of litigation

  • deposition testimony in over 25 cases

  • federal court testimony in one case

  • testimony in state court in two cases

       In several cases, the issue was an armed guard involved in a fatal shooting; in others, armed guards shot people, while non-fatally, or otherwise injured parties (see Recent Guard Cases)


Armed security guard - consultation & expert witness services

       I have been retained by attorneys in cases of…

  • the use of force by guards

  • self-defense

  • not following the conventional force continuum

  • the use excessive force  

      and retained and testified regarding…

  • the omissions of security guards

  • guard companies adherence to and following of state regulations

  • special police and proprietary guard actions  (Scroll up or down, or click to go back to the top of page)

        in addition to being retained…Gavel representing many court appearances

  • to defend guard businesses and company security guards who are accused of negligent acts or behaviors

  • in cases where the placement of an armed guard is the question, and whether an armed guard was placed into a business or company after evaluating the risks and needs of the assignment

  • in many cases where the issue involves the training and background investigations by a guard company

  • where the marketing truthfulness of the guard enterprise when providing a proposal to a client is a central issue

  • In many cases where the actions or inactions of guards is a secondary issue to foreseeability, and/or providing a deterrent to crime as one of the components of premise security

        As a consultant to corporations, I have been retained to evaluate whether guards should be part of the overall protection of the premise.  I also have helped businesses in finding the right guard company, establishing procedures and post orders, creating requests for proposals that spell out what a company wants. My experience in the training of guards to the client's focus and needs is extensive.


     Challenged by attorneys in several cases in the courts as to my credentials and ability to provide an opinion or testimony on cases involving the action of guards and guard companies, I have never been removed nor lost a challenge, including in federal court. See credentials.


For cases I've worked that solely involve security guards, click on Recent Guard Cases.

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References available and provided to qualified inquiries. Also see additional credentials.


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