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Security Consulting Services
for Businesses, Commercial Enterprises, Corporations, Non-profits

Expert Witness Services When Needed


The specific types of customers that I have served and will serve are too numerous to mention, but a look at my current cases should indicate the broad range (from banks to manufacturers to housing complexes, and many more). Some cases follow below. Cases are illustrative of just what can happen, and to whom. First, here are some questions for you.

  • Have you done a thorough evaluation or security assessment of your site(s)? How recently? And did you act appropriately on the findings?

  • Security Audit - Major BenefitsDo you really know how to measure your vulnerability?

  • How do you deal with idea of the foreseeability of a crime occurring at your site? What do you do about it?

  • Do you know what security measures and counter-measures mitigate losses and resulting litigation?

  • Do you know what really goes into an evaluation or assessment of your security?

  • Have you introduced and trained your supervisors and the general population in workplace violence and personal safety measures?

  • Have you evaluated your protection systems such as guards and watchman programs? Are you getting your money's worth? What tells you that you are or aren't?

  • Are your procedures and policies relating to security and personnel safety current?  Are they regularly updated according to current trends, changing Studying security policies and proceduresdemographics, and other factors?

  • If you were sued today for inadequate security measures by an employee or outsider, would you pass the test of reasonableness?

  • Do you have a plan to respond properly and to your advantage when a security crisis happens at your site? If so, how confident are you it will be implemented properly?
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You might find it helpful to look at several articles I've written and that have been published. Also, cases I have worked appear below and that might be very helpful to review.        


How I serve:  I am INDEPENDENT, absolutely, with no ties to anyone other than my clients. My commitment to my clients and their best interests is unwavering. My reputation and growth depend upon this, and I am gratified that much of my services growth has come from referrals from satisfied clients. An "independent" serves you best, and I help my clients to make the right moves to secure their assets and reduce loss.

What I do:
  I help you to customize solutions to security problems, risks, vulnerabilities, or needs, as called for from security surveys and risk assessments - I provide all services  in the most cost effective and economical way. I save our clients money, and provide solid and proven benefits.

How may I help you?
 My security consultant services, expertise, and talents are wide ranging, broad, and deep. Please discover many of these on my website, and please contact me. I'll be happy to explore any security subject with you further, and answer any questions you may have about working with me. Don't hesitate, and you'll find me easy to talk with, or to work with. Thank you.

Security issues? I can help you with any of these issues, and many more. Please contact me with any questions or concerns to discuss them. Cases follow below. (Scroll up or down, or click to go back to the top of page)
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Samples:  Other Security Consultant & Expert Witness Cases

  • Retained by an Insurance company in determining the likelihood of being sued at an apartment building where a gangland murder was committed.

  • Retained by a bank and insurance company to evaluate the procedures and policies and practices according to regulations after a shooting and hostage situation.

  • Retained by a large family owned company to assist in the termination of an employee who threatened to do harm to company officials and train in threat assessments and procedures.

  • Retained by insurance company to evaluate and become the expert in premise security for national casino company. Also evaluate the security of the premise.

  • Retained by major network channel to evaluate overall security of the studio and access control to protect the employees.

  • Retained by very large non-profit to completely assess the premise, make and assist in the upgrades, and train the employees in threat assessment and Active Shooter procedures.

  • Complete assessment of a high-rise building, guard force, CCTV, parking garage, and training of guard force in use of force and active shooter.

  • Retained by defendant credit union sued for allowing an elderly man to be scammed

  • Retained in a shopping center road rage murder case, inadequate security

  • Retained in a hotel case where a women was robbed and shot as she checked in to the hotel

  • Retained to complete an assessment and training at a large factory complex

  • Retained in MLB murder case involving subcontractor

  • Retained in an assault case at a large camping resort

  • Retained in a case of a clerk at a major gas station shooting a customer

  • Retained in a murder at a factory from workplace violence

  • Retained in a murder case in Kentucky at a condominium complex

  • Retained in a rape and assault case in a Florida shopping Center

  • Security assessment project for a large luxury high rise condo system in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Consultant to the County Board of Health  for Homeland Security Grant regarding food safety

  • Retained as a security consultant for large school district in Ohio for one year

  • Provided over forty security assessments and workplace violence training for the world's most major food companies in the U.S. and Canada

  • Over fifty training assignments in workplace violence, general violence, and personal safety

  • Executive protection assessments for CEO’s of two large financial institutions

  • Retained for nine years at the large Texas Credit Union as the security consultant

  • Retained as a consultant to redesign and refocus a major bank security and fraud investigations department  back to the top of page

  • Retained as the expert in a major bank lawsuit regarding branch security procedures and bank investigation procedures for one of the largest U.S. banks

  • Retained in a case of a doctor that was robbed and beaten at her office in a high crime area

  • Retained as a consultant to a security guard company for coordination of security and police services for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Retained for a defendant Restaurant/Bar in a dram shop issue

  • Retained in a double shooting case at a shopping center in Florida

  • Retained in a murder case where defendant apartment complex was sued for lack of adequate security provided by the Homeowners Association

  • Retained as an expert and security consultant for a major league baseball team regarding security and background investigation of companies contracted to the team.

  • Retained as a consultant and expert in a case involving identity theft and car rental club membership resulting in a near fatal crash

  • Retained for presentations of workplace violence and security programs for a major producer of glass in the United States

  • Retained as an expert in two cases involving banks sued for not following regulations regarding Anti-Money Laundering

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References available and provided to qualified inquiries. Also see additional credentials.


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